which water purifier is best for home use?


narendra asked:

i want to buy water purifier. my scheme is that i want to install 1000lt water tank on roof then the tap water we received from corporation to be stored in this tank and tank connected to water purifier, once tank filled up we want to use this water for drinking for a week ,is this suitable or not ,pl suggest

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Not very suitable in my opinion.

Water in the tank would lose it’s chlorine and then you would get bacteria growing in it. You would need a way to chlorinate the tank. Most filters say on the packages they are NOT for purifying the water and won’t remove all bacteria.

Carole Q

Large tank storeage will not be adviseable for drinking purpose.

Best water purifier: go through a quality water dealer and install a Reverse Osmosis system at your sink. The tap water has various chemicals to kill bacteria, etc.. and this system removes just prior to drinking. We had an extra line running to the ice maker. Again, this is ready to use water now, not suitable for long storage time frames.

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