Keep running out of water at home?


sweetsistah asked:

We live in a mobile home and our water source comes from a well. The past week, our water has run out twice. This is a new problem and quite frankly, it’s getting very frustrating. We have to flush out the water tank every time this happens to get the water to come back. A water guy came and told us to shut the water pump off for an hour to fix it but that didn’t work. If anyone knows the source or reason why this may be happening, please let me know!

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Assuming your well has water, it sounds like your pump is losing its prime. This will happen when the foot valve at the bottom of the tube that is at the bottom of the well, gets stuck or plugged open. You will have to remove the piping from the inlet side of the pump and pull out the intake pipe and replace the foot valve on the end.
I am of course just guessing but this is the most common problem. I would for sure get a new well guy as the person you had seemed very incompetent.


It could very well be that the well is running out of water. It happens. I would get a reputable well company to come out and check on the depth of the well and the water in it.

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