what is the best natural gas hot water heater for a home?


dtrz54 asked:

looking to purchase new water heater pros and cons on tankless and what is the best one? what is the best tank heater. Natural Gas.

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Grandma of 2

Check into an Aqua-Star tank-less hot water system. We have had one for a couple years now and wouldn’t have anything else in our home. We used a tank system for about 25 years and if we knew how much money we could have saved by having a tank-less system we would have done it years ago. In the first month alone we saved around $60 on our gas bill. Contrary to what someone else might say, we have never lacked for hot water. We made sure we bought a 3-stage hot water system. Not a single stage. That way it can supply enough hot water to different jobs within your home. It is very expensive at first, but the initial investment is paid for in no time with the savings on your gas bill.

Jim S

I agree with G B about the cost issue. Not only are tankless hot water heaters selling at a premium they may cost more to operate because they come on whenever the hot water is used and not just when the tank temperature decreases. Check the big box hardware stores and compare with what a plumber will charge for the installed unit in your area. If you buy one from Home Depot or Lowe’s it will probably run you about $800 installed, give or take.

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