who’s responsible for turning on utilities for home inspection on forclosed homes?


Paul W asked:

bank accepted offer with pending home inspection. the furnice & hot water tank are dissconnected. also have missing pipe to water

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The home inspection is done before the sale, so whoever owns the house is responsible for turning on the utilities. The buyer may wish to do so, but get it in writing that you will get a credit for doing so.


the listing agent is responsible or the property management firm that is taking care of the property unti it is sold.


If you are talking about the utilities (turning on gas, electric, water) the realtor who is selling the home should have kept those on the utilities until the house sold…they knew the house was going to need an aprasial and who sells a house with out leaving on the utilities…

I would request the realtor have them turned on in his/her name…for the commission they will get it isn’t that much money to have them on for a month or 2 before the sale completes.

If you are talking about the furnace and hot water heater being physically disconnected from the house this is not considered utilities and it really would be the seller’s responsibility…but I guarantee you if this is a foreclosure house they cannot afford to have them reattached. If you are hell bent on buying the house you will probably have to pay to have them reconnected.


An inspection can take place during the day. A home inspection is not a guaranty. It is a statement of the status of the property. It will state that utilities are disconnected, pipes are broken, etc. It does NOT say the house is in good condition. It tells the lender what the condition is. Sometimes, it makes recommendations to fix the problems. So there should be no one responsible for turning on utilities for home inspections.

Ultimately, if the bank allows the purchase/finance, the buyer has to fix the problems at their own cost. Fixing these things may be a contingency of financing, and the funds to do so may be held in escrow by the bank.


it is not necessary for the utilities to be on if the inspector is any good, the general condition of the structure is what is important. If you feel it is necessary turn it on in your name for one day, but the bank will not pay for it, it is your inspection


As stated it will not pass the inspection because it is not livable

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