My gas hot water heater is not working?


Lrp asked:

the pilot light seems to be out on my gas hot water tank.
The water in my home is cold this morning.
The tank appears to be leaking a slow drip out of the pvc draining pipe which is attached to the bottom of the tank.
I do not see a pilot light. the thermostate is turned on. What should i do to fix this thing?
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Just guessing

Lighting instructions should be right on the tank. The drip sounds like maybe a bad washer or even a new drain valve which is no big deal. If you can’t light it per the instructions maybe a neighbor or a call to your gas company will help. Good luck. I hate cold showers!

Ed K

Start with the gas company. Usually they will send a serviceman to relight the pilot at no charge. If it needs a repair the serviceman will tell you. The most common failure is due to a faulty thermocouple, a devise that senses the presence of the pilot light and opens the gas burner valve. They cost $10 to $60 depending on which kind you have, plus the plumber or handyman’s labor. As for the drip from the drain valve, these things are not very sturdy and you don’t want to risk breaking it by using too much muscle trying to shut off the drip. By a hose cap and washer from the hardware store, about $1.25, and screw it on the valve. Sounds like fun. Good luck.

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